Cant Sleep? It May Be Your Bedroom

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. Government research shows that one-third of adults suffer from occasional insomnia. In most cases, sleepless nights can be cured with a few simple fixes to your bedroom. Catch more zzz’s with these tips.

Soften your surroundings. Invest in a comfortable mattress and anchor your bedroom with a plush area rug. If you can, avoid carpeting, which can harbor dust and trigger allergies. Take a cue from feng shui practitioners and position your bed away from your door.

Sync up with the sun. The human body is wired to respond to sunlight. Mimic day and nighttime hours with dimmer switches and heavy drapes, and eliminate any artificial sources of light, such as phones, televisions and tablets. These keep your brain activated, interrupting your sleep cycle and throwing off your natural rhythm.

Simplify your space. Items that warrant activity, such as exercise equipment and computers, can trick your brain into remaining alert and productive. Instead of housing these items in your bedroom, replace them with inspiring, soothing artwork.

Set the tone with sound. Many folks sleep better with dull, repetitive background noise. Use a white noise machine to lull your consciousness, or turn on your ceiling fan, which serves a dual purpose: it creates soft sound and keeps your bedroom from becoming too hot overnight. There are also many free apps with clicking noises designed to help you stay asleep.