The 10 Most Common DIY-Gone-Wrong Projects

Think you can handle home improvement on your own? Think again. Forty percent of homeowners who’ve completed a do-it-yourself project wish they hadn’t, according to a Zillow Digs® report, and many ended up spending more on the project than they would have had they hired a professional.

The top 10 most common DIY regrets are:

1. Adding or Expanding a Bedroom or Bathroom
2. Refacing or Refinishing Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinetry
3. Refinishing an Attic or Basement
4. Replacing Carpeting
5. Refinishing, or Installing New Hardwood Floors
6. Installing New Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinetry
7. Retiling a Floor or Shower
8. Adding or Replacing a Kitchen or Bathroom Backsplash
9. Building or Installing a Deck
10. Installing New Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops

If you were hoping to DIY one of the improvements listed above, scratch those plans and take on simpler projects, like replacing a light fixture, painting a bedroom, or updating cabinet hardware. Your wallet will thank you!

Source: Zillow Digs®